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Wisdom Teeth Martin Vale Bendigo, Wisdom Teeth, Martin Vale Dentistry

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Wisdom teeth can be removed in the chair, or with general anaesthetic. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt in your mouth, which usually happens when you are between 16 and 23 years of age. 80% of people get all 4 wisdom teeth, however many people do not have enough space with their arches for them to erupt.

There are varying degrees of wisdom teeth problems and concerns. Some are very easy to remove, and others, particularly if they are still under the surface and require gum removal, can be more difficult due to nerve positioning.

To obtain the most advanced x-ray and imagery of your mouth, we use in-clinic Dental Cone Beam technology, or CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography). From this, we are able to capture 3D images of soft tissues, nerve pathways, teeth and bone.

Research shows that should you require your wisdom teeth to be removed, the younger you are, the better. Patients under 25 have less risk of nerve damage and the process is less traumatic.

  1. We take radiographs immediately at our clinic, which will include an OPG x-ray or CBCT scan to assess the positioning of the teeth.
  1. After assessing the level of complexity of the procedure, we discuss with you what is required, and what is the best surgical approach.  This could be in the chair at our clinic, or with general anesthetic at the hospital. 
  1. Next we will schedule the time to do the surgery, and provide you will everything you need to know to prepare.

Martin Vale Dentistry provide free consultations to review any of your dental concerns, and will provide an immediate quotation. We can also provide an estimate of hospital and anaesthetic fees if required. You may to contact your health insurance fund to assess any general dentistry out-of-pocket expenses.

Wisdom Teeth Martin Vale Bendigo, Wisdom Teeth, Martin Vale Dentistry
We're Committed to Your Comfort
Some patients feel quite nervous prior to having their wisdom teeth removed. The Martin Vale Dentistry team are experts at caring for our patients during all types of procedures, our goal is to support you in every way we can, ensuring the process is not distressing.  We discuss the methods available to do this during the consultation process, developing a suitable plan for each individual.
Free Consultation

Terms and Conditions

A Free Initial Consultation at Martin Vale Dentistry is the waiving of the fee usually applied to an initial consultation appointment. During an initial consult, we assess your dental concerns, identify any risks attributed to your current dental conditions and provide advice and recommendations of what action (if any) should be taken. Where suitable we may provide photographs or additional printed information for reference. This value of an Initial Consultation is the equivalent of the standard fee for a consultative appointment, which ranges between $60 and $90.

Free Initial Consultations do not include radiographs of the teeth or associates structures. This process can be undertaken at your request, with applicable fees quoted for your approval, and payment required at the time of appointment.

Initial consultations can vary in duration depending on each patient’s needs and concerns, ranging from 15 to 45 minutes, at the discretion of our Dental team.  We are committed to answering all of your questions, and providing easy to understand, efficient and effective advice on the option available to you, and costs applicable.

The ongoing provision of Free Initial Consultations is at the discretion of Martin Vale Dentistry.