We provide 24/7 Emergency Services

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Bendigo Emergency Dental Care

Emergency dental care appointments available during and after hours, seven days a week. Call 03 5443 5006.
Martin Vale Dentistry Bendigo’s emergency dental care service is available seven days a week. We understand that accidents and unexpected pain can happen at any time of the day, and that dental pain and damage can be an extremely stressful and upsetting experience that requires compassionate and often immediate attention. 
If you, or a family member have a dental issue that is worrying you, we are here to provide you with care and advice on what to do next.
Martin Vale Dentistry provides both out-of-hours dental care and fast, same day appointments for all types of dental emergency, dental injury, dental pain and cosmetic accidents.  If you are concerned and require advice on what to do next, simply call our clinic on (03) 5443 5006 to speak to our team.
If your call is during clinic hours, we can provide experienced on-the-spot advice about what to do next.  If your call is outside of our opening hours, you will be provided with our out-of-hours emergency phone number where you can speak directly to a dentist, who will discuss your concerns and assist in deciding the best course of action*.  
*Please note out-of-hours appointments attract an additional fee.
Visible Dental Concerns
Not every damaged tooth is a dental emergency. Sometimes, a chip or a break may not require an emergency appointment, and will be fine to wait until the next normal clinic working day. 
In other circumstances, where a tooth is knocked out, extruded (displaced from the socket), the nerve is exposed or there is damage to a filling or crown, you may require an emergency appointment.  
Where an accident or incident has occurred, the faster we are able to identify and treat the issue the greater the likelihood is that we can save the damaged or injured teeth and prevent potential damage to blood vessels or nerves.
Invisible Dental Concerns
For some patients there may be no visible tooth damage, however a high level of pain and aching is experienced.  In these circumstances, the easiest questions to ask someone who may require emergency dental care is:
  1. Can it wait until the clinic is open next?
  2. Is the pain keeping you up at night?
If the pain is unrelenting and unbearable and cannot be tolerated until the next working day, it may be an emergency – please call us to assist in deciding what should happen next.
When in doubt, give us a call on (03) 5443 5006 and talk through the issue together. We can then assist with the required treatment as soon as possible.
Free Consultation

Terms and Conditions

A Free Initial Consultation at Martin Vale Dentistry is the waiving of the fee usually applied to an initial consultation appointment. During an initial consult, we assess your dental concerns, identify any risks attributed to your current dental conditions and provide advice and recommendations of what action (if any) should be taken. Where suitable we may provide photographs or additional printed information for reference. This value of an Initial Consultation is the equivalent of the standard fee for a consultative appointment, which ranges between $60 and $90.

Free Initial Consultations do not include radiographs of the teeth or associates structures. This process can be undertaken at your request, with applicable fees quoted for your approval, and payment required at the time of appointment.

Initial consultations can vary in duration depending on each patient’s needs and concerns, ranging from 15 to 45 minutes, at the discretion of our Dental team.  We are committed to answering all of your questions, and providing easy to understand, efficient and effective advice on the option available to you, and costs applicable.

The ongoing provision of Free Initial Consultations is at the discretion of Martin Vale Dentistry.