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Dr Luke Vale

Principal Dentist

B.O.H.Sc, BHSc (Dent), MDent (LTU)

Luke began working in the family practice whilst committing to the 10 years of health and dentistry university study; initially to support himself and utilise the incredible wealth of expertise to be gained from his father, and as the years went on, to support his wife and family as children arrived. 

With a fascination with teeth and a growing love of the dental industry, particularly dental technology, specialist skills and the fine artistry that the profession requires, Luke’s study succeed during challenging life changes; managing newborn children, university study and employment.  

Luke believes passionately that developing a strong positive connection between emotional experiences and medical outcomes is essential to achieving and maintaining good health, and is the foundation of which the practice provides service to all patients.

Luke and wife Kim believe in living a productive and healthy life, built on values of happiness, family connection, and contributing to their local community through valuable skills and service.

Bendigo Dental Care, Our Team, Martin Vale Dentistry

Dr Martin Vale


B.D.Sc (QLD)

Martin has been helping the people of Bendigo to have healthy smiles for over 40 years and in the same Queen St location since 1985.

After graduating from the University of Queensland in 1979, Martin lived in Horsham and England before settling in Bendigo where he had realised there is no better place to live. 

Martin’s passion lies in dentistry (along with golf and AFL) and he is dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest in dental technology and techniques so that you can be sure you are getting the dental best care and attention possible at Martin Vale Dentistry. 

Family is equal to this passion. Martin married local Bendigo girl Annie on Valentine’s Day 1984 our children and grandchildren have all been born here and they have now gone on to have both children and grandchildren in Bendigo. 

With his son Luke now by his side, Martin Vale Dentistry has become the only multigenerational dentistry in Bendigo.

Bendigo Dental Care, Our Team, Martin Vale Dentistry

Lisa Marcollo

Oral Health Therapist


Lisa is a third generation dental professional with over 15 years of dental nursing experience. Working in the dental industry for 28 years, Lisa is passionate about teaching people how to keep their mouths and teeth healthy.   

Lisa has cared for children and adolescents for 12 years in the public sector, taught university students for five years and is  thoroughly enjoying working alongside the team at Martin Vale Dentistry. 

Bendigo Dental Care, Our Team, Martin Vale Dentistry

Hannah Mahlstedt

Dental Nurse

Certificate III in Dental Assisting

Hannah has been working at Martin Vale Dentistry for three years, and thoroughly enjoys building lovely relationships with all patients.

Having grown up in Mildura, Hannah moved to Bendigo after completing year 12 where now she has over 10 year experience in dental nursing.

Hannah enjoys learning and developing her skills in dental nursing and is excited to see the continued developments in technology and exciting things yet to come.

Bendigo Dental Care, Our Team, Martin Vale Dentistry

Brianne Henkel

Dental Nurse

Certificate III in Dental Assisting

Bree grew up in Mildura, worked for a local dental practice and completed her Certificate III in Dental Assisting, before moving to Bendigo in 2016.

Bree joined Martin Vale Dentistry earlier this year and is enjoying working with a family team, and meeting all their patients.

Outside of work Bree enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and going for walks with her two dogs Charlie and Lexi.

Free Consultation

Terms and Conditions

A Free Initial Consultation at Martin Vale Dentistry is the waiving of the fee usually applied to an initial consultation appointment. During an initial consult, we assess your dental concerns, identify any risks attributed to your current dental conditions and provide advice and recommendations of what action (if any) should be taken. Where suitable we may provide photographs or additional printed information for reference. This value of an Initial Consultation is the equivalent of the standard fee for a consultative appointment, which ranges between $60 and $90.

Free Initial Consultations do not include radiographs of the teeth or associates structures. This process can be undertaken at your request, with applicable fees quoted for your approval, and payment required at the time of appointment.

Initial consultations can vary in duration depending on each patient’s needs and concerns, ranging from 15 to 45 minutes, at the discretion of our Dental team.  We are committed to answering all of your questions, and providing easy to understand, efficient and effective advice on the option available to you, and costs applicable.

The ongoing provision of Free Initial Consultations is at the discretion of Martin Vale Dentistry.