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Tooth Wear

Tooth wear can compromise the tooth’s protective structure, resulting in serious damage.

Tooth wear is when the protective enamel layer that covers your teeth is weakened, damaged or compromised, potentially exposing the inside of your tooth. Tooth wear must be identified early to implement suitable treatment that will prevent further damage long term.
There are three types of tooth wear, each is equal in commonality.
  1. Attrition – is wear caused by chewing and grinding your teeth. It can be common for people who habitually clench their jaw or grind their teeth during sleep and for people who consume a high fibrous diet.
  1. Abrasion – is when the tooth surface is damaged by external objects, such as incorrect brushing, or using your teeth as a tool (don’t use your teeth to open anything!). Tongue piercings can also be a problem where the metal jewellery knocks against the teeth.
  1. Erosion – is caused by the consumption of too many acids, such as carbonated drinks (soft drinks and mineral waters) and fruit juices, and is common in young people and teens.
Tooth wear can cause the teeth to become brittle and chip away, loosing small shards, decreasing 
tooth strength.  This can result in chewing issues, sensitivity, unwanted aesthetic of unsightly and damaged teeth and even causing some people to speak differently.
A professional dental appointment is essential to treat tooth wear, which may include x-rays, mouth guards and restorative treatments. 
Regular dental appointments will ensure tooth ware is identified and addressed early.
Free Consultation

Terms and Conditions

A Free Initial Consultation at Martin Vale Dentistry is the waiving of the fee usually applied to an initial consultation appointment. During an initial consult, we assess your dental concerns, identify any risks attributed to your current dental conditions and provide advice and recommendations of what action (if any) should be taken. Where suitable we may provide photographs or additional printed information for reference. This value of an Initial Consultation is the equivalent of the standard fee for a consultative appointment, which ranges between $60 and $90.

Free Initial Consultations do not include radiographs of the teeth or associates structures. This process can be undertaken at your request, with applicable fees quoted for your approval, and payment required at the time of appointment.

Initial consultations can vary in duration depending on each patient’s needs and concerns, ranging from 15 to 45 minutes, at the discretion of our Dental team.  We are committed to answering all of your questions, and providing easy to understand, efficient and effective advice on the option available to you, and costs applicable.

The ongoing provision of Free Initial Consultations is at the discretion of Martin Vale Dentistry.